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August 5, 2020

7 Must-Have Features for Your Ideal Website

The website is an essential part of any business in this era, and without it, the business model is incomplete. The moment clients hear about your business and want to explore it; they are going to check on your website. Your website is the first impression and introduction to your clients; therefore, it should be a good one.


You must have all the essential elements to make your website eye-catching and refreshing so that it could leave an everlasting impression on visitors.

After we covered the most common mistakes, we would like to address the must-have features for an ideal website.

Design of personal brand of Stan Tscherenkow www.stantscherenkow.com

1.    Design

Design of your website is the first thing website visitors will experience. It is the eyes candy or a shock. You can have the best ads running to your website, but when the design of your website is bad, you will have little to no conversions.

  • 3 Colors Max

Many people have this terrible habit of playing with a lot of colors, which is very annoying. If your website is using a lot of colors rather than focusing on a few colors, it will distract the visitor from getting the original message from your website. An ideal website should not use more than three main colors.

Here are some examples:

Colors for the website. generated and developed by stan consulting

You should use up to 3 main colors and 2 additional colors for extra touch.

The combination of these colors should be acceptable and readable. Otherwise, it will take the visitor a few seconds to leave your website. To maintain the retention of the visitor, you must identify the best colors suited for your business.

  • Appealing Logo

A logo is something that gives identity to your brand. If you see a Nike logo, you will identify the brand at once, and Nike does not have to put much effort. That is the power of a simple and appealing logo. It helps your clients to identify your business at first glance.

Logo guidlines

Therefore, you must choose or design the most appealing logo. Do not try to overcomplicate the design because it is hard for people to remember it. Keep it simple yet appealing, which stands out.

  • Flawless Design

The user experience of a site matters a lot in this competitive environment. The design of your website should look perfect for converting visitors to leads. The most important aspect is that there should not be any loophole or annoying feature in your website design. It can make your potential clients leave the site.

Before you create your website, it is very important to have a brand book or brand guidelines.

Please remember Google, the most powerful search engine on the planet, is preferring brands. You need to create a Brand. Your brand needs to be consistent on every platform.

  • Use only few Stock Images

In this world of copyrights, the stock image is considered as an option to avoid any issue. However, the stock images are not up to the mark and do not do justice to the service or product you are offering. Stock images also do not look natural on the website and considered as a rip off by many visitors.

Therefore, you must consider the images shot by yourself. The cameras in our smartphones are competent and provide the best result equivalent to stock images. It also looks natural, and you can adjust the shot angles accordingly.

clear sitemap to increase UX on your website

2.    Logical Sitemap

  • 3 Clicks from Homepage To Any Content On The Website

One of the aspects that play a crucial role in converting the visitor into lead is how quickly he gets to the desired product or service on the website. Therefore, any content on your website should not be far more than three clicks from the homepage.

  • Intuitive Browsing

Intuitive browsing means easy to use. The sitemap should not be complicated so that the users do not get annoyed or leave the website. The intuitive design of the site makes a massive difference in the retention of the clients on the website. The progression on each page should be natural, and users should be able to predict the location and purpose of the option.

This will make the browsing experience smooth and fast, which leads to returning clients. The best example is the eCommerce websites; almost all the online stores use the same layout, so the users do not get confused,

  • No Additional Links On The Sales Page

The whole purpose of a business website is to generate revenue and make sales. Therefore, there should be no distraction at the point when the buyer is about to make a purchase.

The minimal distraction can lead to a loss sale and can cost you a lot of money. Therefore, you should not put any additional links on the sales page, which can make your clients click away.

how to boost user experience on your website

3.    User Experience

  • Making People Come Back

Good user experience can make your potential clients come back on the website. You can use different other techniques to make the users come back on the site. Like engaging them through personalized emails, rewarding them with various offers, and providing high-quality content that can force them to revisit your website.

  • Giving Valuable Information

You can engage your potential clients by giving them engaging information. For instance, if you are running a website to learn drawing, then you can talk about shops where clients can find the best pencils.

If you are running a cooking website, then you can share tips and tricks to make cooking easier. This kind of information is very engaging and keeps your clients interest in your website or blog.

  • Offer Free Tools to Increase The Traffic

With the advent of AI technology, companies can now offer a virtual demonstration of their product or service. For instance, the flooring company uses AI tools to show clients how the new floor will look like in their room.

These free tools enhance the user experience and allow potential clients to live the product before the actual purchase. You can utilize different free tools to keep your audience engaging, which can ultimately result in a sale.

Neil Patel Developed a Tool called Ubersuggest which generates him over million visitor each and every months. It gives you free ideas of keywords and give you brief SEO audit.

We created several free tools for Roofing companies (free quote calculations). This tool alone generated 432% more traffic to the website.

  • Emotional connection

Most successful entrepreneurs are those who can set up an emotional connection with the clients. You should master the science of storytelling, which can build trust and loyalty in your customers. For instance, people who are brand loyal to Apple Inc. are not purchasing each update because they need it. But they feel proud to be part of the ecosystem and buy new things from the company.

This is because Apple is successful in building that emotional connection with their clients on which they can capitalize. This rule is also applicable to your website and can bring good revenue to your business. You should know your clients and provide different landing pages for each type of customer so that they can feel special and attached to your website.

SEO the driving force to your website

4.    SEO

  • Start Backlinking

Backlinking is a useful tool when it comes to making your website visible in the beginning. As a first step all you have to do is to comment on the niche related blogs and leave your website link. It can drastically increase the traffic on your website by up to 200%.

submit your irl to search engines

  • Submit to All Search Engines (Bing, Google)

Google is the most popular search engine which has a significant share in the search engine market. Therefore, you must submit and index your website on Google; however, it is equally important to utilize other platforms like Bing and Yahoo search.

website traffic increase

On the other hand, some people submit their website on all the search engine platforms except Google, which is a big sin in the SEO world. One of our clients never submitted his site to google search console. When we did that, the traffic was an increase of 280% despite the pandemic. Therefore, utilizing every resource is essential to generate traffic on your website.

  • Interlinking on The Website

If you want to make users explore your new content related to their interest, the interlinking on the website is a very effective way. It is one of the best SEO techniques used to generate traffic on the site. The users click on the website, and then you provide some additional links related to the service or product they are interested in.

This is a common practice in eCommerce websites, and they provide links to related products. It not only increases the organic traffic but also provides the high retention rate of the users.

social proof on your website

5.    Social Proof

  • Show Your Product or Service In Action

You can use “how to do” videos to provide a demonstration to potential clients. There are a lot of reviewers in the marker who review the product and upload it on social media channels. This provides an opportunity for users to see the product in action, which creates a sense of trust in them.

  • Trust badges

There are different trust badge services available which review your website and its authenticity. One of the most popular is “Trust Pilot,” which is used by many financial institutions like Payoneer and PayPal. The credibility of these agencies is very high, and people trust their rankings and badges.

trust badges for website and ecommerce

So, you can capitalize on the credibility of these agencies by earning the trust badges and positive ratings from them.

  • Accomplishments

No one in the world is going to acknowledge your accomplishments if you do not recognize it yourself. It is essential to let people know about the benchmarks you achieve on your website. Whether it is record sale in a month or any positive reviews from the buyers, it should be posted on the social media platforms.

The sharing of accomplishments generates good traffic because people want to know about the service, which is already doing good and may want to try it out.

  • Certificates

There are different certifications available for websites like security certificate, SSL/TLS certificate -domain validated certificate, and unified communication certificate. The whole purpose of this certification is to make your website reliable.

The websites with most certifications are considered as the safest, and consumers trust to make transactions on it (online payment).

  • Testimonials (preferably video)

People love to see the product in action before the purchase. It was not possible in older times to demonstrate the product in front of every customer. However, during this age of social media platforms, you can easily make a testimonial video with some renowned reviewers and show the people what your product is capable of.

The video testimonials provide a crystal-clear clarity to the consumer what they are going to buy and what the end product or service will look like. The reviews and recommendations from the previous clients can also be part of these testimonials, which can add high credibility to your product. Post these testimonials on Social media.

content strategy for your website

6.    Content

  • More content = More Traffic

Content is the king. The more the excellent content, the more traffic it will generate. Therefore, you must only focus on the quality content, which can engage the audience for long. Good quality content enables you to grab more time for the audience because they will explore other sections of the website as well if they find it useful.

You should regularly upload the fresh content, which should be plagiarism and error-free. It will enable you to attract more traffic, which can generate excellent revenue generation opportunities.

  • Show That You Are Expert in Your Niche

Never try to become a master of all trades. Pick the product or service which you want to offer and put all your efforts into it. Remember that focus is the key, and if you focus on fewer things, you will able to provide good quality. Otherwise, the lack of focus can deteriorate your ranking and quality of service.

Show your clients that you are an expert in the service you are offering, and in this way, you can charge a premium as well because clients will trust you for the niche you are offering.

about us section on the website as sales tool

7.    About Us Section

  • Tell People About Your Mission and Vision

Mission and vision statements define your purpose and goal of the business. You can be selling antibacterial soap, but your mission can be a clean and healthy world.

Your mission and vision statement defines your personality and quality of the business you are offering. This enables the clients to explore your personality and look at the bigger picture of your business. Your vision gives you a direction and motivates you to keep going.

  • Tell them how you solved your client’s problems

Clients only visit your website when they have some particular needs or facing any problem. Therefore, you must focus on the issue of the clients and offer the best possible solutions. The time of the clients is valuable, and you should not waste it on any cost.

The website should be brief and to the point on how you can add value and solve the issues faced by your potential clients.

  • It is A Sales Page as Well. So, Sell Your Way Of Solving Problems

In the end, it is all about making a sale on your platform. Therefore, you should always remember the purpose of the whole activity. After providing all the information to the client, always take them to the sales page so that they can purchase from you.

There should not be any distractions on the sales page, and you should try different ways to sell your service to the customer.


Your website is your image, your sales generating machine. It will either cost you a fortune or bring your a lot of business. If you create a website using the discussed Topics, you will be ahead of your competition and will lay out the good foundation for your business and brand.

If you need help with your website, feel free to contact us and ask for a free audit of your current website.

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