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    how to build a perfect website

    18 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Website Design

    A website is an essential tool to differentiate your business from your competition. You can capitalize on this opportunity to generate more revenue for your business. However, you must avoid the most common mistakes from the very beginning, which can cost you a lot of money.

    You must read this article before you build your website.

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    Facts about social media

    Did you know that the First Company to start offering social media services was called Six Degrees?

    How does Social Media play an important part in a Business?


    The key to any successful business is customers, would you not agree? With no customers, there is no sales and to put it simply, a business just can’t flourish with no customers. With so many social media platforms out there, we can see this is where we will find our potential customers, were call this “ modern day

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