March 7, 2020

Build a Strong Reputation for Your Business

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Are You Ready To:
✅ Boost Your Business Ranking On Google, Google Maps, Yahoo, Yelp & Facebook.
✅ Generate More Traffic, More Exposure And More Revenue!!!
✅ Increase Engagement, Which Means MORE Customers.
Have you ever made a decision based on a review you saw about a business?
Of course you have! Everyone does…
But, PROBLEMS start when…
1. Potential customers can NOT find your business and go elsewhere.
2. Customers can find you, but they DON’T trust you (cause NO reviews or lack of).
3. You have Outdated phone numbers/Addresses being displayed by Google.
4. Duplicated Listings (which hurt your ranking on Google).
5. You have reviews but they are hidden on Yelp. (because reviews look spammy or by new Yelp user)
Our System eliminates all this...
Imagine A System, That Generates New Reviews On Autopilot!
What Would That Do For Your Business?
Well, You can personally ask your clients one by one for reviews (you don’t have time for that, you gotta run your business).
GET our software which generates NEW reviews on Autopilot.
The best part, is that negative reviews from your customers won’t be posted ANYWHERE! Instead, Clients will be redirected to a landing page, where they can leave constructive criticism and you have a chance to communicate with that client and resolve the problem.
This Simple Diagram shows how it works:
Not only are Reviews Boosting Search Engine Rankings!
Google uses your business information to give your potential customers the best possible result.
Here are some examples:
* Plumbers:
To be found for emergency plumbing in your area, You need to list your operational hours as always OPEN 24/7 on your website and on Google My Business Platform.
* Restaurants:
To be found for “best” Tacos in your City, your customers should review your restaurant and mention the word “tacos” in there review and rate them with 5 stars.
* Lawyers:
To be found for “best” or “top” injury Lawyers in your City, You should List your specialization on your website and your overall ranking should be above 4.5 stars. Google will not show businesses rated below 4.5 or 4 stars as “top” or “best”.
This information is often neglected and under-rated by local businesses. Our System and service does all this for you & MORE!
Case Study
1. Local Business was listed over 47+ directories. 
2. Outdated information was deleted.
3. Our Software generated new reviews.
4. New Reviews helped Improve search engine ranking.
5. Onsite and Offsite SEO boosted ranking even further. 
6. Local Business received more sales calls.
7. More Customers & revenue increased.
1. Increased brand awareness and reputation 
2. Improved Search engine Ranking
94% more website views 
72% more navigations requests 
85% more phone calls
What Happens After You Sign Up
Step 1
Order Your Package
Step 2
We will contact you to walk you thru the set up process, then give you access to your Dashboard. 
Step 3
Our software gets you New clients to leave reviews.
Step 4
Our software starts increasing your ranking on Search Engines. 
Step 5
Improving your reputation and visibility, which will generate you more sales.
Outrank Your Competition!!!
Order Now
Local SEO And Brand Reputation
$297 Per Month Per Location*
Here is what included:
Claim 47+ Local Listings
Eliminate duplicates and outdated information
Generate NEW Reviews 
Boost your Google Ranking
Track 20 Keywords
50 Backlinks each month to boost ranking and authority 
Be Found Everywhere
Monthly Website Audits
*each additional location for same business is an extra $99 per month (see FAQ)
Is your Service for any Industry?
This works for any business that relies on reviews when your customer searches for your business. 
When can I expect results?
Our clients see results within 30 to 60 days. The system will start to work and as your clients leave reviews, search engines will see this new information and your ranking will improve. 
Why local SEO and not standard SEO?
Traditional SEO is a long term process and needs more time. It is cheaper and faster with Local SEO.
Can I speed up the process? 
Yes you can. To speed up the process you can combine organic traffic with paid Traffic. We can target specific Keywords for you, so your client will see your business associated with your keywords. 
I have one website, why do I need to pay for additional location? 
If you have two offices e.g. in San Francisco and in Los Angeles, both offices receive separate reviews and search engines treat them separately. 
How Can I import the reviews on my website?
In the dashboard, you can generate a widget and import it to your website, so your reviews will be visible on your website. After you enroll, we can do this for your at no charge. 
Can You Help With Our Yelp Account?
Yes, we help with Yelp accounts. By making sure all your reviews are seen. We simply monitor your account for you.
Can I cancel contract any time?
We offer month to month, you can cancel anytime. 
Can You Manage our Reputation?
Please understand we are NOT managing your reputation. We do not have access to your clients data. However we give you guidelines and templates on how to respond to positive and negative reviews.

What’s Included?
Be listed on 47+ Directories (Value = $99)
Eliminate duplicates and wrong entries ($159)​
Generate new Reviews for your business ($299)​
BONUS #1: 50 Backlinks each month ($99)​
BONUS #2: Track 20 Keywords ($39)​
BONUS #3: Website Audit ($99)
Normally $794
Only Today Just $297
Enroll Today and get additional 50 Backlinks each month 

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