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What does Creative Web Design Mean to Us?

Websites are the first introduction of your business to the clients. This first impression means a lot, and it is an essential determinant of whether they will purchase or not. There are many cases where people visit the website; they do not find it engaging and leave at once.

This makes the website design a crucial element in the overall sales process of your business. Stan Consulting has focused on the creative aspect of the companies because it sets them apart from the competition.

We have around 150 people who are experts in the web development arena. They have developed hundreds of websites for every client and are equipped with the latest digital tools. With the help of our talented human resource, we can provide high-quality websites that are SEO optimized and with landing pages.

We have an extensive range of UI and UX that can make the website alive and running. The most highlighting aspect of our process is the close coordination with our clients to know that they are in the right direction. 

Stan Consulting takes care of the timeline and budget of the clients. We are aware that most of the projects fail because of the budgetary restrictions; therefore, taking care of this issue is our primary focus. It also gives peace of mind to our clients investing their time and money on our services.

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What Set Our Service Apart?

Stan Consulting has identified a few elements on which we focus during the development of the website. These elements help us to make the website more effective. Some of the reasons for which you must consider are service are mentioned below.

Proper Navigation  

If the user finds your website hard to navigate and to confuse them, then client retention is not possible. Before developing the website, we make a proper layout to ensure that the site is easy to access from any part. Thus, we also provide a navigation bar so users can access the website without any hurdle.

Proper Use of SEO

Making a beautiful website is the half part; the other part is to make it visible on the search engine. Our development team takes care of this portion and uses highly effective keywords to rank the website on the top of the list. We not only cover Google but also take care of the other search engines.

High-Quality Pictures

Quality is the key to audience engagement on any website. If the pictures are pixelated or taking time to load, this can be a significant hurdle in keeping clients on the page. We offer a perfect balance in the quality and loading time of the pictures to ensure excellent user experience. 

Using Smaller Pages

Smaller information is accessible to digest and use for customer retention on the website. We recommend our clients to avoid the longer pages and provide adequate information at a time. If the service needs to be explained more broadly, then there is a “read more” option available through which users can get more information.

This makes the website simple and more comfortable for the users, which adds value to the overall design and customer retention.

Mobile Friendly

By the year 2020, the 50% web traffic through mobile phones makes it a significant factor in the business world. Most website designers make this mistake of not providing the mobile version of the site, making the bad user experience on mobile screens. Stan Consulting takes care of this issue and provides a complete desktop and mobile website solution.

Clear Call to Action

Any business website intends to make sales. Therefore, to achieve this purpose, there is a clear call to action option, which leads to checking out. This step is crucial because if the buyer finds the sales process complicated, he will change his mind. Stan Consulting takes care of this issue and makes the checking out process smooth and easy.

Proper Pop-ups and Ads

If too many ads appear on your website, it can ruin the user experience, and for this reason, Stan Consulting never discourages the ads on the website. This will enhance the quality of the website. However, if the client urges to add the pop-ups option, then we make it appropriate according to the theme of the website, so the user does not get annoyed.

Linking with Social Media

Social media is the most potent marketing tool, and avoiding it can be a huge mistake. For this reason, we link the newly launched websites with social media pages and run an ad campaign to promote the business. This is an effective strategy and generates a lot of inorganic traffic.

Clear Path

Browsing on the website should be a great client experience. Your clients need a clear guided path, so they will be put through a process which will help them learn more about your product or services and to make the desired purchase decision.

Website Design

Your website is your face, your brand and your image. We at Stan Consulting make sure, that your website features all the benefits which your client will receive by working with you.

Conversion Rate

Your website will either cost you money or it will generate revenue for you. Stan Consulting design the websites in a certain way, so your clients and website visitors are more likely to convert, meaning to call your business, visit your business, buy online from you or book an appointment.

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What’s Next?

Now you have some idea regarding what you are going to get from Stan Consulting. Our well-trained team will make sure to provide the best quality in this digital arena and will fulfill all the promises regarding our service.

Our process is simple and easy.

  • Our representatives will have a detailed discussion with you to extract all the information and idea from you. 
  • An internal discussion with our designer team and recommendations will be provided in the already established idea. We translate everything in wireframes to give it a physical form.
  • Once our client is pleased with the final proposal of the design, our development team starts working by keeping in view the budget and timeline of the project.
  • Clients are welcome to give suggestions during the process, and improvements are made accordingly.
  • The final design of the website is tested and then handed over to the clients.
  • There is complete after-sales support from Stan Consulting if there is an issue.

What Can You Expect From Us?

Stan Consulting has established itself as a high-quality service provider, and we have earned this reputation through our dedicated tea. We ensure the high quality of every project and give our 100% so that our clients can reap the benefits. So, if you are opting for our service, then you must have peace of mind regarding the quality and authenticity of the content. 

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