Marketing Tips for your business
November 21, 2020

Top 10 Marketing Tips For Your Business

There is cut-throat competition worldwide, especially in this digital age, where the product’s perception is everything. Brands are spending millions of dollars on their marketing campaigns to generate awareness in the masses.

Marketing has become so important in the 21st century that no company can survive without a proper marketing strategy. Therefore, I have jotted down the top 10 marketing tips to optimize your business and generate more revenue.

online and offline marketing for success

1. Combine Digital and Offline Marketing

People often underestimate the power of offline marketing and rely on digital marketing. In the past decade, online marketing emerged as a significant source of promoting brands; however, you must never let go of the offline medium. The best way is to strategize a combination of both channels to get the maximum output.

You can promote your business on a billboard and exhibitions and use digital marketing as a follow-up after the event. This way, you will touch a wide range of consumer base who can purchase your service and help you generate extra revenue.

2. Use Social Media Influencers

A new way of marketing emerged in the past few years, which is very useful. The advent of social media platforms allowed some people to become a social media sensation. They can influence the audience and make them believe in your product and service.

They provide the service of promoting your product or service on their social media channels at a very reasonable cost. It allows you to get in touch with a massive consumer base. You can utilize this medium as a source of promoting your business.

User experience

3. Make Your Content Engaging

Content is the king, and this is so true in the marketing world. If you can connect to your audience through your marketing, they will remember at the time of purchase. Therefore, making entertaining and memorable content is essential. 

Despite being tight on budget, you can put a memorable message on your product’s packing. Like, Coca-Cola started putting names on the label, which engaged people to find a bottle with their name. This is an innovative and inexpensive way to make your product infuse in people’s minds.

4. Revamp User Experience

Your digital presence is a strong plus point for you if you have considerable traffic on your web portal. Therefore, rather than becoming complacent, you must improve the user interface and user experience to make it more engaging for the visitors. This will considerably increase the retention of the audience on your portal.

You can convey your message on it and sell them products online as well. The improvement in the user interface is directly proportional to an increase in the number of visits. Therefore, never take it for granted and optimize it as much as possible.

word of mouth marketing

5. Word of Mouth Marketing

This is the most robust way of marketing to date. People might have doubts about the product’s marketing campaign, but they would hardly question their satisfied peers using the same product. You can capitalize on your customer base and ask them for the recommendation.

The best way is to write or record the satisfied customers’ testimonials and publish it on your website and social media platforms. You can also allow a review of your products and service on your websites, bringing a lot of credibility to your business.

6. Be Real

Gone are those days when salespeople use to sell the products through fancy words and false promises. Consumers are now more educated and aware of products. With the advent of the internet, everyone is connected to social media platforms and can easily find the products’ truth.

Therefore, making a high-quality product and stating the facts is essential for any business to survive. This technique will nurture the trust in your brand, and people will love to purchase from you.

customer segmentation

7. Customer Segmentation

You cannot sell to everyone. You must have clarity of your customer profile and make the targeted cluster to market your product. Targeted marketing is the need of the day because it saves cost. 

The limited marketing budget will be utilized more efficiently when you identify your right consumers and make the marketing strategy according to that audience only. The segmentation can be based on the following factor:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Purchasing habits
  • Lifestyle
  • Area
  • Education

These are a few factors that will give you some idea of what to look for when marketing segmentation. You can have your criteria according to your business and type of product.

8. Reuse Existing Content

Marketing does not mean to reinvent the wheel or start from scratch. Your branding content contains everything required; you only need to rearrange it attractively. Never underestimate the power of your existing assets and reuse it creatively. You can utilize the full potential of your existing content by the following methods:

  • Use infographics and videos to present your content.
  • Use old content with new visuals, which become easy to understand.
  • Analyze your content and pick the most popular one to replicate in a new campaign.

explainer video

9. Use Explainer Videos

You can explain your services or products officially through explainer videos. Most customers love to check the review and how to do videos before purchasing the product. Many professionals have a considerable following who can do it for you and publish on their platform.

This way, consumers know what they will get after the purchase and the chances of sale increase manifolds.

10. Arrange a Contest

You can arrange a contest on your social media page and announce a worthy prize for the winner to engage your audience. Whenever there is some reward, people tend to work hard for it. It will motivate people to participate in it. This an effective and inexpensive way to gain audience attention.

Many big brands worldwide are using this strategy and are incredibly successful in getting the audience’s attention. You can also apply that to your brand to create awareness of your brand in masses.

Final Thoughts

Marketing is essential for any business to sustain itself in this cut-throat competition. Companies often fail to create awareness in the masses regarding their brands. Therefore, I have tried to help you with some tips that can help in marketing your business. These tips are proven with promising results.

The way marketing used to work has changed a lot in the past few years. After the advent of the internet, people are now more connected and educated than before. For this reason, you need to change your way of marketing your business as well. You now have a wide range of inexpensive options through which you can gain massive success. 

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